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I have a word - GOD.

When we cry out Oh Lord remember me, this causes us to put our trust and faith in Jesus once more.


Christ Centred, Gospel Saturated, Risk Taking


Messy Grace - 1st Corinthians

The finale.



The Holy Spirit Gives- Prt 5

What does Tina Turner, Lesilo and Jesus have in common? 
ANS: 1 Corinthians 13

Messy Grace - 1st Corinthians

The Resurrection changes Everything



The Holy Spirit Gives- Prt 4

The Apostle Paul instructs the church in Corinth on how to exercise these two, often very misunderstood, gifts in a way that builds up the local church. His words are encouraging to us here at Rooted Fellowship 2017, as we seek to embrace all the gifts of the Holy Spirit within our local church context.

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