Part III: Just Bible It! Psalm 119:17-24


An acquaintance came up to me the other day asking for some advice. When people learn that you work for a church, this happens quite a lot. She spent some time divulging her dilemma and then she asked me what I thought she should do. I asked her a few clarifying questions and then (as she was a Christian) I asked her if she had consulted Scripture on the matter. I proudly began to inform her that there was a specific text that addressed her problem, I expounded on these words of Scripture, and then I encouraged her to go read this text and find the solace that she so desperately sought. As I walked away I thought to myself just how foolish some people are. If they would just read and learn their Bibles then they would know how to tackle life's problems. 

Later that night I came across a pressing issue that I felt I should know more about. So I did what any self-respecting, learned theologian living in today's day and age would do. I googled it. 

As I was thumbing my way through my 50th tab, I realised that I wasn't consulting Scripture either. I then began to reflect on my day and I began to realise just how much I relied on Google. Google was my guide by day and it was my counsel at night. Perhaps I'm not so different from my acquaintance after all.

The Psalmist in Psalm 119 surrenders himself to the Lord in verses 17 - 18 as he pleads before God. Then, in verse 19, he acknowledges that he is a stranger on this earth but God's Word is his guide. Finally, in verse 24, he describes the Words of God as his Counsellor.

God knows that we are in need of a guide and a counsellor here on earth and in the Bible we have both of those at our fingertips, and yet we take it for granted. Lord have mercy on us.

Reflections - 

1) What issues are you currently facing that you need to bring before the Lord in humble prayer?

2) Where are you currently seeking guidance and counsel for these issues?

3) What can you do to make prayer and Scripture reading your first port of call when seeking answers to life's questions?


Father God, you know the struggles and questions that I face, but today I surrender myself to you. Please forgive me for running to all sorts of places to find answers to my problems. Thank you Lord for your Word that is indeed my guide, and I humbly ask that you would lead me deeper into your ways, through the regular reading of Your word and through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Jolindi van der Merwe